Stefano I think you could change the name of the city in your post and you would have a a good cover for most other European capitals. I see this as a common characteristic of places that are aspiring to be the next “Silicon Valley” of Europe.

London, Berlin, Paris and Stockholm seem to have crossed the chasm of a tech hub.

The rest of Europe is still in its early days and maybe other cities will never get there. This topic is something I think about a lot. Being based in Krakow, doesn’t make my life as a VC easy. Yes we tried to jump start our local community, but there are to many parts that need to fall into place.

What I actually believe in is that Europe will have a mesh network of larger and smaller tech hubs that are (will be) well connected. What I think is more important is this interconnectivity part. Now it feels that these “tech cities” are competing against each other, where I think they should be working closely together. Sharing talent and capital.

I’m a Partner at Innovation Nest, a seed VC fund focused on B2B Software. Helping SaaS founders with growth strategies and tactics.

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